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Cheap flights to Tokyo

OriginDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Osaka09.07.202111.07.2021Tickets from 80
Takamatsu30.04.202105.05.2021Tickets from 81
Sapporo23.05.202126.05.2021Tickets from 89
Fukuoka01.05.202105.05.2021Tickets from 100
Matsuyama02.07.202103.07.2021Tickets from 101
Miyazaki21.05.202123.05.2021Tickets from 102
Nagasaki04.06.202106.06.2021Tickets from 103
Kumamoto20.05.202125.05.2021Tickets from 107
Kagoshima12.07.202117.07.2021Tickets from 112
Okinawa21.06.202124.06.2021Tickets from 113
Seoul30.06.202101.07.2021Tickets from 123
Vladivostok10.12.202113.12.2021Tickets from 197
Hiroshima08.06.202113.06.2021Tickets from 205
Wakkanai17.06.202121.06.2021Tickets from 226
Komatsu17.04.202119.04.2021Tickets from 229
Misawa13.06.202119.06.2021Tickets from 243
Taipei17.02.202221.02.2022Tickets from 268
Bangkok29.07.202102.08.2021Tickets from 275
Okayama23.04.202124.04.2021Tickets from 284
Busan30.04.202102.05.2021Tickets from 290
Manila12.07.202118.07.2021Tickets from 291
Hong Kong01.07.202106.07.2021Tickets from 296
Cleveland03.10.202109.10.2021Tickets from 316
Shanghai18.11.202123.11.2021Tickets from 319
Tottori23.04.202124.04.2021Tickets from 328
Chiang Mai01.05.202107.05.2021Tickets from 411
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk01.07.202106.07.2021Tickets from 461
Prague14.06.202118.06.2021Tickets from 462
Kuala Lumpur27.05.202131.05.2021Tickets from 502
Khabarovsk19.07.202124.07.2021Tickets from 505

Hotels in Tokyo: Top hotels

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Hotel Gracery Shinjuku★★★★-49%109 55 View hotel
The Royal Park Hotel Iconic Tokyo Shiodome★★★★-59%133 55 View hotel
Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo★★★★-57%143 62 View hotel
Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba★★★★★-12%129 113 View hotel
Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo★★★★★-18%195 159 View hotel
Shinjuku Washington Hotel★★★★-48%101 53 View hotel
Tokyo Dome Hotel★★★★-15%112 95 View hotel
Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku★★★★-8%251 232 View hotel
Mitsui Garden Hotel Gotanda★★★★-25%75 57 View hotel
Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo★★★★★-24%428 323 View hotel
Hotel Mystays Premier Akasaka★★★★-39%93 57 View hotel
Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo★★★★-9%76 69 View hotel
Shinagawa Prince Hotel★★★★-37%94 59 View hotel
Hotel New Otani Tokyo Garden Tower★★★★★-13%157 137 View hotel
Imperial Hotel Tokyo★★★★★-9%290 264 View hotel
Shinjuku Prince Hotel★★★★-38%90 56 View hotel
Hotel New Otani Tokyo The Main★★★★★-26%407 303 View hotel
Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Premier★★★★-44%126 71 View hotel
Park Hotel Tokyo★★★★-14%168 145 View hotel
Sunshine City Prince Hotel Ikebukuro★★★★-33%84 56 View hotel