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RV Renters: 8 tips for first timers

RV Renters: 8 tips for first timers

There is something about the open roads that we just can’t resist. And the good news is: You don’t need to buy a home on wheels to quench your thirst for road travel. It’s time to imagine yourself on a week-long RV trip, at a serene camping spot, cooking around a cozy campfire while gazing at the stars. 

An RV rental will definitely give you the freedom, versatility, and convenience to explore the outdoors on your own terms. But before you start looking for a local RV rental company, go through this guide to ensure you find a recreational vehicle that meets your needs, expectations, and desires.

Know the Different Types of RVS

When looking to rent an RV, the first thing you want is a vehicle you can drive, not one that needs to be hitched to a vehicle and towed. Among the self-driving RVs, there are two ideal options for first-time RV renters: A class C motorhome and a Class B motorhome. 

These rigs aren’t as large and heavy as the Class As, making them easy to drive and manage. Class Cs are the perfect middle ground, offering you just the right space you need, good fuel efficiency, and basic amenities for a group of five. Not to mention they’ll go to campsites where bigger RVs can’t fit.

Features to Look for When Renting

Every RV comes with a unique set of features. The features you pick will depend on the plans you have, the number of people coming, and how much comfort you seek. Ideally, you want a rig that has enough sleeping quarters for everyone and ample storage space. 

You’ll also want an equipped kitchen with appliances such as a stove range, fridge, dishwasher, and convertible dinette. If you are looking for extra comfort, go for a rig with a separate shower and toilet, folding furniture, a cooler, and a flat-screen TV. 

Finding the Perfect Rental Company 

For peace of mind and safety, book your RV through a reputable company like Amazing Travel Guides. A big provider comes with a broader selection of RV options and extra perks such as roadside assistance, insurance protection, and exciting deals. And the vehicles are relatively new and in pristine condition.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent an RV?

It costs around $100-$400 to rent an RV per night. But it depends on the type and age of the vehicle, amenities onboard, season, and length of travel. Most rentals come with a mileage limit, and you can expect to pay around 30 to 70 cents per mile once you pass the limit. Also, set aside $300 for fuel every1000 miles and $25 and $80 a night on RV camping sites.

Budgeting for Extra costs

There are other expenses you’ll come across throughout the trip, so be sure to leave a lot of wiggle room in your budget. Some costs include eating out while on the road, fun activities, national park entrance fees, extra campground amenities, and insurance coverage. 

Choosing Your Destinations

For a more fulfilling trip, you’ll need to carefully plan where to visit. Maybe you already have a specific destination in mind you are looking for a journey that has plenty to offer along the way. When creating an itinerary, don’t fill your schedule—remember RVs are slower, and you’ll need to take frequent breaks after long drives and make stops when you come across unexpected sceneries.

Planning Your RV Route

RVers have to plan routes with more consideration. You don’t want to run out of gas in the middle of nowhere or find out the hard way that your RV is too tall to fit below an overpass. Luckily, a root planning app will help you find the smoothest and most scenic routes, plus nearby gas stations and campgrounds. You’ll also get real-time weather updates.

Do Some RV Practice

Before hitting the open road, do some practice with the RV you are about to hire. Practice how to turn, back up, brake, and park. And when on the road, keep an extra distance between you and the car ahead. Fortunately, most RV rental companies have a technician who will guide you on operating the rig’s electric, water, and sewer systems.

Finally, Hit the Road

You are now ready to pack up and take your rental RV for an adventure-filled trip. Whether your goal is to explore your dream destination, reconnect with nature, create memories with loved ones, or rediscover yourself, you’re sure to have an inspiring and thrilling experience. Happy RVing!

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